Jim Gloster / USA / English / 40 min / Official Website

Aphasia tells the true story of actor Carl McIntyre about the effects of a massive stroke he suffered at the age of 44 - he lost his ability to read, write and speak. Starring as himself, McIntyre portrays his life story with an incredibly nuanced performance. Through humor and pathos Aphasia speaks to anyone who has struggled to meet life’s challenges.

Body and Soul (De Corpo e Alma)

Matthieu Bron / France / Mozambique / Portuguese / 54 min / Official Website

The amazing story of three young Mozambicans with physical disabilities, who work to help others in their community. Their daily lives reveal how they see themselves, raising questions of self-acceptance and how to find one’s place in society.

Mary and Max

Adam Elliot / Australia, 2009 / English / 80 min / Official Website

A claymated feature film from the creators of the Academy Award winning short animation HARVIE KRUMPET. Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Horovitz, a 44 year old, obese, Jewish man with Asperger’s Syndrome living in the chaos of New York share a pen-friendship that spans 20 years and two continents. Innocent but not naive, MARY AND MAX takes us on a journey that explores friendship, autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, where babies come from, obesity, kleptomania, sexual difference, trust, copulating dogs, religious difference, agoraphobia and much, much more.

Best Animated Feature Film - Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Me Too (Yo, También)

Antonio Naharro, Álvaro Pastor / Spain 2009 / Spanish w/ English subtitles / 103 min / Official Website

“Daniel, a recent college graduate with Down Syndrome forges a strong bond with vivacious workmate Laura, but their burgeoning relationship turns complicated when he professes his love to her. This gripping narrative questions modern relationships and conceptions of “normality” as the couple grapples with their need to connect.”

Best Lead Actress (Lola Dueñas), Goya Awards 2010
Grand Jury Prize Nom. for World Cinema - Dramatic, Sundance Film Festival 2010

Nobody’s Perfect

Niko von Glasow / Germany / German and English / 84 min / Official Website

NOBODY’S PERFECT follows Niko von Glasow as he looks for eleven people who, like him, were born disabled due to the side-effects of Thalidomide, and who are prepared to pose for a book of photos. And to pose naked - to allow those who regularly throw furtive glances at Thalidomiders and other physically disabled people, to take a good, long look. In the process Niko discovers many fascinating characters who work in such diverse areas as politics, the media, sport, astrophysics and acting.

Ocean Heaven (Hai Yang Tian Tang)

Xiao Lu Xue / China, 2011 / Mandarin / 96 min

Jet Li, in his first dramatic role, stars in this moving story of a father’s tireless love for his autistic son and his attempt to teach his son the life skills necessary to survive on his own. A poignant tribute to parents’ infinite love for their children.

Run If You Can (Renn Wenn Du Kannst)

Dietrich Bruggemann, / Germany / German / 112 min

A gripping story of friendship and a love triangle between frustrated Ben, who is in a wheelchair, his playful caretaker, Christian, and Annika, the dreamer, musician and object of both men’s desire. When the relationships heat up, Annika cannot decide between the two men. Together they create an adventure filled with imagination and desire. But what starts out as a game becomes serious when Ben faces his biggest fear. Click for Tickets

Silent Games

Yael Klopmann / Israel / Hebrew / 74 min

The captivating story of an Israeli national deaf soccer team set out to become one of the top eight contenders in the 2007 World Championship in Bulgaria. Through groundbreaking techniques, award- winning director Yael Klopmann follows the stars of this team through their victories and hardships.

Stubborn & Spite

Lou Birks / UK, 2007 / English / 3 min

Mayhem ensues when two drivers fight over who should get the last disabled parking spot - with drastic, and often hilarious consequences.

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